musician, composer and artist of Dark Folk infused with traditional Celtic, Swamp, Bluegrass, Post -Punk, Klesmer and Malian blues.  Though originally from London, Molly spent the first decade of her life travelling living on farms, boats and caravans.  Moving from Scotland to Spain, France, Greece, Turkey and Italy to name but a few.  In that time gathering an extremely wide range of musical and artistic influences from wild and ever-changing surroundings.

Starting off with a few sea shanties as a child, she started writing music at eleven, when she first picked up the guitar and started singing.  Her solo work is an electric guitar with her unique and powerful vocals, singing fairy tales for grown ups and love songs for the hard of heart.  

She also composes and performs music for NoFit State Circus on guitar, vocals, bass, Bb clarinet and bass clarinet.  


The Cautionary Tales were formed in 2012, after three incredibly talented musicians met Molly in a Bristol pub. 

RON PHELAN – double bass
ALEX TAYLOR – violin


album artwork by julian quaye