Molly Samson... 

Though originally from London, Molly spent the first decade of her life travelling living on farms, boats and caravans.  Moving from Scotland to Spain, France, Greece, Turkey and Italy to name but a few.  In that time gathering an extremely wide range of musical and artistic influences from wild and ever-changing surroundings.

Starting off with a few sea shanties as a child, she started writing music at eleven, when she first picked up the guitar and started singing and performing at pubs, parties and festivals around Kent.  After setting off for more travelling as an adult across North and South Africa, the USA and India, Molly spent time performing with circus bands, being a mermaid, and developing her solo career around Bristol, as well as UK and European music festivals.

... & The Cautionary Tales

The Cautionary Tales were formed in 2012, after three incredibly talented musicians met Molly in a Bristol pub. 

As a band they weave fairy tales for grown-ups and love songs for the hard of heart.  With a worldly mixture of musical influences from Celtic and Bluegrass to Post-Punk and Malian Blues, Molly delivers a unique song-craft of her own, laced and threaded with double bass, drums, guitar and an exquisite corsetry of silk ribbon, voice and violin.


The Cautionary Tales:

Ron Phelan – double bass

Ron Phelan studied bass in Dublin, Ireland. After living in Europe where he came into contact with many different styles of music, he moved to Bristol. He has played with some of the area's finest musicians in genres such as jazz, latin, flamenco, folk and West African music and has toured internationally. As well as playing double bass, Ron is also a prolific composer and arranger.
Alex Taylor – violin

Alex Taylor began learning classical violin at the age of 8 and continued until he left university with an Honours degree at the age of 23. During this time he developed his folk and jazz techniques as well as the ability to improvise and compose. After a few years developing his own style he began to gig and tour with bands in Australia, working with such names as Wendy Rule, Mushroom Giant and The Boy Who Spoke Clouds. Alex also began to perform his own compositions, fronting his first band 'Alex Taylor and the Evil Eye'. In 2008 Alex moved to the UK and has been developing a more theatrical solo project, 'Jude the Obskure', which blends soul classics with a dubstep feel alongside generous portions of heart-warming violin.

Adam Wherly - drums
Adam Wherly was born into a musical family and after trying various instruments found his voice in the drums. He has toured the world playing music spanning various genres and is constantly expanding his musical vocabulary with his diverse projects. He now resides in Bristol where, as well as being a much sought after drummer, he hand crafts tuned percussion instruments.

album artwork by julian quaye

© 2016 by Molly Samson 

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